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Increase The Life Of Your Pavers With Polymeric Sand Installation.

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If you have pavers, tile or stone installed on your property, keep them looking great by having polymeric sand applied between them. Polymeric sand provides many advantages. It holds pavers, tiles or stones closer together with much greater strength than conventional grout.

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This type of paving joint fill is very durable. It won’t flake and expose the edges which keeps them from cracking or crumbling. Since they fill in all the empty spaces and hold everything tighter together, they also prevent weed growth and insects.

wet sand blasting queens long island

For those surfaces that need a little stronger stripping qualities, consider wet sand blasting


Wet sand blasting removes coatings, contaminants, corrosion and residue from almost any hard surface.


The water acts as a lubricating coolant between the sand and the surface which reduces heat and friction. This allows thinner or more fragile surfaces to be worked on without damaging or warping them.


The water also reduces dust, so working in tight or sensitive areas can be performed with minimal setup and clean-up.

Chemical free hot water wet sand blasting:

  • Reduces dust

  • No heat warping

  • Satin finish

  • Deep cleans

  • No hand-sanding

  • No chemicals

The result of chemical-free wet sand blasting is a cleaner finish that is free of particles and dust and ready to coat.

wet sand blasting queens long island

Wet Sand Blasting Gives You A Ready To Coat Surface. 

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